Tactical Training

Procinctu Group provides training programs for military, law enforcement and private clients at various locations throughout the country. Non-sensitive courses of instruction such as firearms, mobility and the travel security series are typically available for civilian clientele.
PG’s tactics instructors meet all the security requirements mandated by the U.S. Government and our clients. PG’s full-time team of instructors are recognized throughout the security industry as Subject Matter Experts in surveillance/counter surveillance operations, technical surveillance/countermeasures, weapons, tactics, tactical mobility operations, communications, navigation, protective security and force protection. A majority of our instructors are former Navy SEALs who have served throughout the world in multiple combat zones. Our staff utilizes the “Crawl, Walk, Run” philosophy that allows a student to commence training with relatively little ability and eventually graduate with a demonstrable set of skills.

Firearms Training

Procinctu Group provides a complete firearms training program with a wide range of courses. Our curriculum is based on lessons learned and real-world experiences with combat shooting. Our weapons instructors hold a variety of Department of Defense, National Rifle Association and other government & non-government instructor certifications.

Mobility Series

Vehicle training includes instinctive driving skills (evasive and defensive driving), convoy operations, mounted patrols and motorized raids. Our driving instructors have performed both mounted and dismounted combat operations, as well as personal security duties for high-profile senior military officers, civilian dignitaries, ultra-high net worth individuals and A-list celebrities.

In addition to extensive real-world experience operating vehicles in high-risk environments, our mobility instructors have graduated from various renowned driving schools including ITI Anti-Terrorist Driving, various off-road driving schools, Ivor Wigham European Rally School, and Advanced Forward Operator Course. Additionally, PG’s Mobility Team has experience ranging from combat operations, SCORE Baja Racing 500 and 1000, to executive protection details in foreign countries.

Travel Security Series

Procinctu Group offers several courses tailored specifically for business people traveling overseas. Whether an individual is making a short trip out of the United States or spending extended time overseas for work, business travelers can learn to keep themselves safe by utilizing basic security techniques. Portions of our Travel Security courses include area-specific intelligence, as well as local and regional threat analysis. PG’s combination of U.S. military Special Operations Forces and government intelligence service experience – coupled with our global network of vetted security professionals – gives us unique real-time perspective on global security concerns that we incorporate into our training curriculum.

Military Skills

Procinctu Group’s instructors are the most experienced and well-trained operators in the security industry. All PG instructors have served on active duty in multiple combat zones. Our lead instructors have all served as Naval Special Warfare Instructors, ranging from Basic Underwater Demolition School / SEAL Instructors to Training Detachment Instructors.

PG’s Security Specialists maintain close connections with active duty resources, ensuring that our instructors maintain their skill sets and are continuously exposed to cutting edge tactics, techniques and procedures.

Custom Solutions

Procinctu Group has the ability to craft and administer any level of tactical or technical instruction required. Whether a commercial client needs entry level instruction driving personal off-road vehicles on private property or a military unit requests advanced small unit tactical training at one of our reserved training facilities, PG can appropriately tailor an off-the-shelf course or create an entirely new Course of Instruction (COI) based on the realistic needs of the client, including time and cost restrictions.

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