Guard Force Management

Guard Force Management

Procinctu Group specializes in training some of the most elite Special Forces operators in the world. We have utilized this unique skill set to develop robust and effective guard forces for both commercial and residential facilities around the globe.

PG possesses extensive experience crafting, developing and managing guard forces of diverse sizes. We begin by identifying the client’s needs – no two security situations are the same, and variations such as the client’s pattern of life, nature of the client’s business, realistic versus unlikely threats, theater of operations and existing security assets are included in the preliminary threat analysis. We then recruit and vet the appropriate security personnel based on this threat matrix, including a blend of indigenous personnel and PG Security Specialists.

Whether starting from scratch or building upon an existing security infrastructure, PG will develop the training programs necessary to get all security personnel up to a standard level of proficiency. Depending on the proposed size of the guard force and location of the team, this training can be completely internal to the client’s organization, taken off-site to a PG-controlled training facility, or a combination of internal and remote training. Training can be limited to the specifics of an individual’s job within the security team or expanded to include physical fitness and related security department administration, such as investigations, incident reporting and safety inspections.

As the guard force is developed and long-term training curriculums are put into place, PG has the capability to provide local or remote oversight for the security detail, as well as day-to-day direct management of the security team. PG recognizes that preexisting security services and infrastructure are an essential part of the complete protection plan and a necessary complement to PG’s presence. We have extensive experience integrating into a variety of operational models and can seamlessly assimilate into an existing security organization.

In instances where a brand new guard force is being crafted, PG can oversee and administer all aspects of the novice security detail, including:

  • Infrastructure planning and implementation
  • Training and standards supervision
  • Executive protection detail coordination
  • Emergency reaction and response
  • Daily property tours and inspections
  • Security department budget management and forecasting
  • Procurement
  • Quality control & assurance
  • Shift coordination and security assignments
  • Liaison with local businesses and officials
  • Safety programs (ie. fire & hazardous material inspections, CPR & first aid training)
  • Investigations (ie. illness, injury, trespasser, theft, property damage)
  • Security spot checks on departments