Executive Protection

Executive Protection

Procinctu Group provides specialized short-term details in high-risk locations for select private clients. For longer term requirements, we provide initial protection services and then staff the Detail with permanent PG Security Specialists or train local forces, as required. PG can assume a management, evaluation and supervisory role to ensure continuity of service. We will determine a cost-effective solution that meets your needs and manages costs, while ensuring that effective security services are established and maintained.

PG has conducted multiple Personal Security Details for our private clients on four continents. These Details have required us to work in various settings such as dense urban cities, undeveloped back country and yachts afloat, while traveling via commercial & private air. Security Details have ranged in duration from a few days to our longest engagement of over five years. We have the broad range of personal and professional expertise to handle any contingency, in any environment, no matter how hazardous or off the beaten path. Our ability to exceed client’s expectations is a point of pride and a central theme in deciding to initially use and continue to use our services.

PG’s Security Specialists are intelligent, mature, discrete and highly-skilled protective agents who take great pride in developing and implementing security plans and teams that blend well with a principal’s lifestyle… while never compromising the team’s primary responsibility – to protect the principal from harm or embarrassment.

Our Executive Protection clients include:

  • Ultra-high net worth individuals listed in Forbes 100 Richest People in the World and Forbes 400 Richest People in America
  • World renowned celebrities frequently targeted by paparazzi
  • Hotel and casino magnates
  • An exclusive residential property in Cabo san Lucas, Mexico that is regularly ranked by the Robb Report as one of the “Best of the Best” private communities in the world. Our services commenced with an initial Threat & Site Vulnerability Assessment as the property broke ground. Our presence evolved into crafting and managing the property’s entire security plan, including establishing a full-time 40+ man Security Department and developing a Command & Control Integration Center (C2IC) that merged both fixed (camera & alarms) and dynamic (static & roving guard patrols) security systems into one 24/7 live network.
  • Executives of the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) attending the U-17 games held in Nigeria and Egypt, leading to the World Cup
  • National Basketball Association (NBA) professional athletes visiting Beijing, China for the Olympics
  • Members of a former U.S. President’s family, working in conjunction with the Secret Service and other government entities